Design Overview | Whoa!mance


As a longtime lover of romance novels, I was delighted to design the website for Whoa!mance podcast. Whoa!mance already had some gorgeous artwork when I started working on the site. Whoa!mance also had a strong social media presence. But a home base was needed. A place where listeners could access everything from episodes to blog posts.


The existing Whoa!mance artwork captured the spirit of the podcast so well, I decided to base the color scheme on it.

I used four different colors from the illustrations. I also used two neutral colors for the body text and emphasis.



Next, I decided on fonts. The font in the existing artwork was designed by the artist, so there wasn’t an option to pull that into the website. But I did want a font that evoked the same feeling. I try to avoid using script or handwriting fonts because they are so hard to read. There are projects where a decorative font for logos or headers is the right choice though. This was definitely one of those times!

I decided on the following:

  • Pacifico for the logo and headers

  • Belgrano for the subtitle and navigation

  • Open Sans for the body text

Tricky Pages: Episodes

Initially, I used the Soundcloud block to insert each episode into the Episode page. As the episode count grew, the page became unwieldy. It took forever to load and just wasn’t visually interesting.

I recently redesigned the episode page to make it more functional and nicer looking. Each episode includes a description and photo (most often the cover of the book being reviewed). There are also links to listen to the episode on Soundcloud and buy the book. When possible, I tried to direct people to The Ripped Bodice, an awesome romance novel bookstore based in LA.





The episode page of the Whoa!mance website is still a work in progress. There will soon be too many episodes even for the redesigned page to load quickly. My next step is to make more Episode pages with a set number of episodes on each page. I’ll likely do this by making that area of the website an Index with multiple pages within it.

The Whoa!mance website has been a great reminder that nothing online is stagnant. Things always need to be tweaked or can be made better over time.

What are some tricky pages you’ve been working on (either on your own site or a client’s!)?