Photo by Maren Robinson.

Hi there!

I’m Jane and I’m the person behind JB Design & Content. My day job is in higher education, but my passion is making websites more beautiful, legible, and accessible.

  • A beautiful website is one where the look and feel matches the person or business it represents.

  • A legible website in one that is readable on any screen with easy to understand content.

  • An accessible website is one that is as user friendly as possible to the most people, including those with disabilities.

My interest in web design started with finding the perfect background for my Myspace page. Then my Livejournal. Then my personal Wordpress blog(s). Professionally, I’ve written and edited website content, blog posts, forms, surveys, and email campaigns for several large universities.

Today, I love creating Squarespace websites, which I find to be the most user friendly. Squarespace has allowed me to build websites for professionals and artists, from podcasters to therapists. And hopefully a website for you too!



Do you only work on Squarespace websites?

I only work with Squarespace when making a brand new website, but I’m happy to redesign or edit content on any platform.

Can you help me DIY my website?

You can find resources about design, Squarespace, web accessibility and more on my blog!

Will you write my website content?

Unfortunately, no. I’m happy to edit or restructure content to make it more functional, but I find those with the most knowledge about their business or brand are in the best position to write the content for their website.

How long will it take until my website is finished?

I’ll work with you to establish an appropriate timeline, but I try to finish most projects within three weeks.

When and how do I pay?

I require a 25% down payment to get started. The remaining amount is due on completion of the website or project. All payments can be made online or by check.